Who will inherit the world? We are. Young Asians.

16 08 2008

America’s Face Is Changing. From CBS,

For as long as the United States has been in existence, whites have been a clear majority. But according to Census Bureau projections, that’s a story that is changing: by the year 2050, minority groups are expected to account for 49.9 percent of the population.

The Asian population is expected to more than triple to 33 million by 2050. Hispanics will increase their ranks by 188 percent to 102.6 million, or roughly one-quarter of the population.

“Historically, we’ve been a black-and-white country. That’s not true any longer, and even less true in the future,” said Roderick Harrison, a demographer with the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies in Washington, which studies issues of concern to minorities.

Source: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2004/03/17/national/main607022.shtml

Thanks to Ami, we can click on the images to find their bio’s attached.




3 responses

16 08 2008
Julie Park

This is awsome!!!

17 08 2008

This is so cool!! Thank you for posting this!

18 08 2008

Your Welcome!

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