Ex-Wall Street, Better Luck Tomorrow Actor, Roger Fan

17 08 2008

Roger Fan is an American actor of film, theatre and episodic television best known for his collaborations with Justin Lin and his appearances in the films Annapolis and Better Luck Tomorrow.

Roger, a Taiwanese American, was born in Baltimore, Maryland and raised in Southern California, growing up in Upland, California, a suburb of Los Angeles.

He graduated from the Webb Schools of California and also graduated with a degree in economics from Brown University. He initially worked on Wall Street and in San Francisco as a financial consultant, but spent his off time acting in theatre.

So, what’s it like doing research for a big ‘ole film? In this case, the 2006 military boxing film, Annapolis? Roger responds in an interview here,

“We were there for about a month beforehand to do boot camp training. We actually took a day or two where we actually drove down to Annapolis to do a reconnaissance mission. So what we did was it was like me, Jordana Brewster, McCaleb Burnett and a couple of other folks and we just went down there and we walked around the campus. They didn’t even know that we were there. We were just hanging out, talking to like the Naval midshipmen and all the students.”

The 6’2” actors has always been athletic,

“I swam my entire life or I ran. I swam for 15 years so, in fact, that’s actually at the opposite end of the spectrum [from boxing]. […] Most boxers, their joints are filled up with a lot of hard cartilage to take the impact. So for the first month and a half I literally had to go home, back to my hotel room, and just stick my entire body into a bathtub of ice.”

An interesting peek into the life of an interesting man (and profession!) Roger notes,

It’s something that I’ll take with me. Now I can actually go into a boxing ring and do the sport. I mean, I’m not exceptional. If I walked in with Mike Tyson I’d last for about 30 seconds (laughing). But it’s actually part of my DNA now. I can hit a speed bag. I can jump rope like no one’s business.

Interested in keep up with Roger?

Read his blog: http://www.alivenotdead.com/FanMan








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