Mr. Rocket Man expected to send probe to moon, Madhavan Nair

18 08 2008

India will send their first mission to the Moon via the Chandrayaan-1 in mid-October. This is an impressive mission for a small space agency, all lead by Madhavan Nair, who we’ve lovingly dubbed, “Mr. Rocket Man.”

Madhavan, chairman  of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), is a leading technologist in rocket systems and especially in the development of multi-stage satellite launch vehicles. (yes, it is a mouthful.)

Madhavan’s main focus has always been to bring the benefits of space technology to  national development, specially targeting the needs of the rural and poor sections of the society.

In the international arena, Madhavan has led the Indian delegations for cooperation with French, Russian, Brazilian, and Israeli space agencies.

We hope you learn more about Madhavan!

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