NY Chinatown Crusader, Senior Citizen Bobby Lee

19 08 2008

Today, Paul Gong, Founder & President of Friends of Columbus Park in New York, left a message in the comments section of The Asian Heroes Project. He thought everyone should know about the accomplishments of Bobby Lee and we agreed. Learn more about a New York-based Asian hero, Bobby Lee.

Chinatown Crusader Bobby Lee passed away in 2004 but the work he did in ensuring that citizens could enjoy in New York Chinatown’s only park, Columbus Park, remains.

On most mornings, Bobby could be found doing morning Chinese martial art exercises. He was a fixture in the Chinatown community and his love for the park was exemplified by the organizing work he did in promoting and revitalizing this community asset. The 400-man strong advocacy group he founded pushed for greater access to public park space.

In 2005, Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced that Columbus Park would receive $1.1 million for improvements and be fitted with basketball hoops, volleyball courts and a synthetic grass field.

Bobby is a hero for taking ownership of his community; for seeing a problem,  devising a solution, and making sure it happens. Thanks Paul.

To learn more about this cause, email Paul at paulgong@focpny.org or visit their site here. The good fight continues…






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