MTV and Vibe writer & columnist, hip hop DJ, Miss. Info Minya Oh

22 08 2008 on radio, on television, or in magazine, Minya Oh, better known as Miss. Info, blends wit, news, and good ol’ gossip as her multi-media trademark. Currently a radio personality at the New York hip hop and R&B station Hot 97, Minya is also a journalist who has worked for the notable hip hop industry publication The Source.

After leaving her hometown Chicago, Minya has written for every important music magazine out including XXL, Vibe, Rolling Stone, Blender, Ego Trip and King. As a television scriptwriter, Minya wrote the hit show “The Fabulous Life of Hip Hop Superstars” for VH1 and reported for MTV News.

Minya is a regular cast member of VH1’s top-rated weekly pop-culture show “Best Week Ever” and launched her own monthly advice column, “Ask Miss Info” in Vibe Magazine.

Guess what?

Minya is also a published author, publishing Bling Bling: Hip Hop’s Crown Jewels (click to buy!) in 2005. In the book, she interviews many of rap’s bling-obsessed heavyweights, including 50 Cent, Lil Jon, Chuck D and RZA on the importance of bling in hip-hop fashion.

Keep up for Miss Info’s famous (and infamous) dish every Saturday from 8am-12noon on HOT 97 for our New York readers and her “Celebrity Drama” report every Monday through Thursday night on the Funkmaster Flex show between 7-9pm.

Email Minya at, check out her myspace at: or read her blog at:

Fun fact? Everyone starts somewhere–Minya’s first job was folding Jeans at the Gap (just like Kanye)–look where she is now!





2 responses

4 09 2008

Checkout for the best hip hop clothes!

4 11 2008

Minya, you probably don’t remember me but we hung out the summer before you left for school. You went out with a friend of mine (Charles Chinn), at the time I was going out with this girl Julie. Anyways just glad to see your doing what you always wanted to do.

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