Asia’s Iron Man, 2004 Athens Gold Track & Field Olympian, Koji Murofushi

26 08 2008

2008 Track & Field Olympian, Koji Murofushi, comes from a hammer throwing family:

  • His father Shigenobu Murofushi is a former Olympian and held the Japanese record for decades
  • His sister, Yuka Murofushi, throws both hammer and discus
  • His mother, Serafina Moritz, was a Romanian javelin thrower

Koji started hammer throwing under his father’s careful guidance. He’s been setting new records since April 1989 using a 14-pound hammer for high school students. He continued to break records throughout college at Chukyo University, where his father taught (and still teaches).

Koji Murofushi Picture

Koji was the first Japanese male to win a medal since Naoto Tajima, the triple jumper at Berlin Olympic in 1936.

In 2007, FedEx launched an advertising campaign that featured Koji:

“Mr. Murofushi is an international sports star who shares the attributes of strength, capability and reliability with FedEx […] And just like the people at FedEx he strives to exceed people’s expectations.”

Thanks Ami!

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2 responses

27 08 2008
Julie Kentwood

I’m not Asian, but I came across this blog and I love the quote

““Tell me who your heroes are and I’ll tell you how you’ll turn out to be. “”

Cool blog

19 02 2009
Daniel Dumas

The comment, “the first Japanese male to win a medal since 1936” is a bit vague. I assume the writer meant to say “…first GOLD medal IN TRACK AND FIELD since…”?

Japanese men have many medals since 36 and at one time dominated judo –many golds in that sport.

As for track and field, Japanese men won marathon medals in 64, 68, 92 — none of them gold.

Great web site, but please try to be a little more accurate. Thanks.

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