Decorated Thai Patriot, Iraq veteran, Illinois National Guard major, politician, Tammy Duckworth

30 08 2008

Tammy Duckworth wheelchair.jpg

Tammy Duckworth was a commissioned officer in the United States Army Reserve in 1992 and chose to fly helicopters because it was one of the few combat positions open to women. She was promoted to Major in the Illinois National Guard and is an Iraq War veteran. She was awarded an Air Medal and an Army Commendation Medal.

Her patriotism compelled her to become the Democratic nominee for the Illinois House of Representatives. Tammy described herself as a “fiscal conservative and social moderate.” While she lost by a small margin of 2%, her valor and thoughtfulness were rewarded in November of 2006, when she was appointed director of the Illinois Veterans’ Affairs Department.

Tammy was born in Bangkok and moved around Southeast Asia throughout most of her young life. She also has a BA in political science, a Masters in international affairs, and working towards a Ph.D. in political science.

How did I hear of Tammy? I saw her give a moving speech at the Democratic National Convention this past Wednesday, August 27 in support of Barack Obama.

One of the most compelling visual imagery during the whole DNC was Tammy walking off stage…the cameras pivoting to show her personal sacrafices–Tammy’s combat wounds in Iraq costed her both of her legs and damage to her right arm.

She helped establish the Intrepid Foundation and is involved in its fund raising to build a rehabilitation center for other injured veterans. Tammy Duckworth was honored for “her extraordinary commitment to veterans with disabilities.”

Tammy, thank you for your sacrifices.





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