Jazz and folk singer songwriter, Taiwanese-American, Cynthia Lin

4 09 2008


Singer songwriter, Cynthia Lin has been busy touring nationally and sharing stages with major acts including Vienna Teng and Emm Gryner. She was featured on NPR’s Open Mic series and AsiaXpress.com named her one of the “Top 5 Asian American albums of 2007.”

Joe Nguyen, from AsiaXpress.com, calls her lighthearted song, “Skipping In NYC,”
Simple, whimsical guitar strums accompany her bright vocals. Subtle horns add depth as high electronic piano notes gently carry it to its ending.

Curious to hear her music?
Click here to hear it. I enjoy her music as much I do Vienna Teng’s Harbor song. Inspired by Ani DiFranco’s entrepreneurial spirit, Ella Fitzgerald’s art of interpretation, and Joni Mitchell’s bittersweet, poetic, and emotionally complex lyrics, Cynthia Lin is an inspirational artist who we are sure will continue to grow.


For this artist, the path began with her 1st award-winning performance at 6 years old with the Mandarin rendition of Are you Sleeping?

Life doesn’t always take the direct path
In an interview she gave to Boston Progress Radio, Cynthia notes,

I always loved performing, but I never considered it as a career. I sang in an acappella group and performed occasionally in theatre and musical theatre. I took classes in politics, philosophy, French lit, etc, before finally choosing economics.
Cynthia actually worked for 3 years as a software designer in Washington DC after graduating from Princeton in 1999.  Unlike her coworkers, she picked up a guitar and snuck off to auditions whenever she could. When she finally left her job, she notes,
I realized that my personal happiness comes from following my passion. I want to give the world something. I felt like for the first time in my life, I was choosing my own path. What’s the point of money if you’re not happy with yourself.
She soon returned to the stage with a batch of original songs and with her loyal fanbase (myself included), garnered recognition and airplay from the Washingtonpost.com and the radio station Z104. A fixture on the Asian American college scene, Cynthia encourages students to follow their passions. Cynthia Lin released her second EP Doppelganger independently in 2007.
Keep up with her career and send her an email at hello@cynthialin.com.



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