Asian Heroes Project moves to its new, bigger home

8 09 2008

Team – I’ve got big news!

The Asian Heroes Project will now be hosted at Thanks to you and your interest in learning more about Asian heroes and role models, we’ve been afforded the opportunity to share our vision with

Ningin is a community-based social news site that offers users the ability to discover new and interesting Asian content through a single portal. They are growing very, very rapidly and the Asian Heroes Project is proud to be able to ride this tidal wave. Hoc Poeng, co-founder of Mixr Media, “There’s a lot of talent out there and we think Ningin will help showcase that talent.”

I think he’s referring to us!

Check out the new site by clicking on the image below or going to: We’ll be updating to that site from now on!

(Though we’ll likely continue posting here for a little bit to remind you to move over to )

Long live the vision:

We hope people will read this blog, be introduced to titans of the world, be inspired to go out and innovate, and lastly, to discover the great potential of being someone else’s hero.

The Asian Heroes Project

Stephen Chen




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