Entrepreneur, ecogreen raw vegan chef, Bryan Au

24 11 2008

bryan_auBryan Au is a raw celebrity chef and ecopreneur who has been enjoying raw foods, living the lifestyle, and promoting it for more than 12 years. He is the author of two versions of Raw In Ten Minutes, and recently completed his latest raw recipe book 5 Star Raw Spa Cuisine with Chef Bryan Au.

Bryan studied under the guidance of Dr. Gabriel Cousins and developed his own raw recipes around Dr. Cousins’ teachings. His delicious raw vegan recipes can be made in ten minutes or less. Bryan also offers a series of Raw Organic Instructional DVD’s and continues to bring raw into the mainstream. His enthusiasm and love of raw is evident. In this interview he speaks about his raw foods beginnings.

RE: When did you discover raw food?
BA: I was vegetarian at age 12 and really got into being a Vegetarian Chef as my way of being healthy and adding harmony to the world. About 29 I went vegan and then raw at around 30 years old while volunteering in Paradise Island, Bahamas as a Vegetarian Chef for the Sivananda Yoga Retreat. Ever since, more raw people, stories, books, and chefs have entered into life without me trying. I thought, “Wow something is happening here!”

It seemed raw chose me but I embraced it just as quickly because it was a whole new gourmet world opening up to me. More importantly, it also became my spiritual path and is the #1 reason why I promote it. Sometimes I am so enthusiastic and passionate about it that some people may get the wrong idea or think I am too aggressive but I want to explain that when you discover something so healing, fun and enjoyable you want to really share it with the world! It really works and gives you all the health, energy, and creativity that you need to share it with the world.

Raw prevents and reverses a number of health ailment including diabetes, weight loss, and cholesterol, but you still need to do the research and learn all you can. I would recommend reading Conscious Eating by Gabriel Cousens, MD and his new book The Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine. Those two books changed my life and all my recipes are based on it. Eating for Beauty by David Wolfe is also highly recommended.

RE: Eco Green Cuisine is a term you’ve coined. Can you give us a few tips on how to be eco-friendly in the kitchen?
BA: I coined the term Eco Green Cuisine because in raw you don’t use stoves or gas so you are not using as much fossil fuels.

RE: What are some of the key lessons you aim to teach?
BA: Just to love one another, share, don’t judge people, and let raw guide you. Also it is not about percentages but about benefits and enjoyment. Try to educate yourself about raw before just leaping in and making assumptions or mistakes. A lot of people don’t do the research and get frustrated. They may try to do it overnight or go to 100% too quickly. Like everything else you have to transition into it slowly and enjoy the process.

Source: Interview with Bryan Au




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