About the Asian Heroes Project

A Dedication to Four Friends

This project would not be possible without Amirah Masudi, David Kim, Joanne Ko, and  Rainbow Yuen. They are four people who I truly, truly respect and believe will do great things in the future.

If you ask Asian/Asian American kids who is their Asian/Asian American heroes are, you are liable to get blank stares. Occasionally…you’ll get a response like “Bruce Lee.”

Unacceptable! Sure Bruce Lee was The Man (and Lisa Ling is The Woman) but we, as a community, need more than one or two role models.

Warren Buffet  once said,

“Tell me who your heroes are and I’ll tell you how you’ll turn out to be. “

It struck me how deeply true that statement was. Heroes are catalysts for change. Heroes recognize windows of possibilities and have the courage to take on risk; to realize that people are most in danger of not being what they might have been.

Test yourself

We hope people will read this blog, be introduced to titans of the world, be inspired to go out and innovate, and lastly, to discover the great potential of being someone else’s hero. What’s a good metric?

To have you be able to roll off eight Asian/Asian Americans you admire. How about 20? 40? 60? By the way, email me your progress! schen@capaonline.org.

A Community Based Project


Not quite "Asian Heroes" but we liked the image

The neat thing? We’re not going to do this alone. As a community based project, YOU own the content that is produced. Start blogging today and tell your friends about it because you owe it to yourself and to your peers to share as much as possible. We’ve also invited organizations to come and post (or take) material from this site to be used in publications. The goal is to get the word out that we do have role models. Lots of them. The options are endless. It is just up to you.

Yours humbly,



Image: http://www.gameguru.in/images/bruce-lee-game-1.jpg


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