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Moved by some of the things you’ve read? We sure hope so. The goal is find “heroes” and role models in the community to look up to and perhaps aspire to be like.

We’re dedicated to making this a shared community blogging project.

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If you have suggestions for Asians to profile, please, email me at and I’ll promptly respond! Thank you for helping to create a legacy.

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4 responses

14 08 2008

Wow I am blown away! I love the idea of this project and I already feel inspired just reading some of the entries! Who is my Asian/Asian-American hero?? I couldn’t think of any before but now I think I can name a few after reading this blog!

Thank you for dreaming and creating this project,
Ambassador Emily

14 08 2008
19 08 2008
Paul Gong

2 Heroes of the NY Chinatown community, both are deceased but should not be forgotten. 1. Bobby Lee 2. Robert Lee

Visit the Friends of Columbus Park website ( see why they are heroes of the NY Chinatown community.

5 05 2009
Christopher Lee

Really glad you’re working on this project, guys. Keep up the good work.

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