The Joy Luck Club Artist and Author, Amy Tan

14 08 2008

amy_bigAmy Tan began her writing career as a business writer, providing speeches for salesmen and executives at large corporations. She defied her mother by dropping out of pre-med in favor of English and linguistics at San José State University. She received both a bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in those fields.

Her first published story was called “Endgame”, launching her career as a writer of literature. After traveling to China with her mother in 1987, Tan wrote her most famous work, The Joy Luck Club, a novel about mothers and daughters.

The book has been translated in 17 languages, including Chinese and paperback rights sold for $1.23 million.

Fun fact?
Amy was the Creative Consultant for Sagwa, the Emmy-nominated television series for children, which has aired worldwide, including in the UK, Latin America, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, and Singapore.

Ms Tan has lectured internationally at universities, including Stanford, Oxford, Jagellonium, Beijing, and Georgetown both in Washington DC and Doha, Qatar. The National Endowment for the Arts has chosen The Joy Luck Club for its 2007 “Big Read” program. Ms Tan also serves as the Literary Editor for the Los Angeles Times magazine, West.

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