For the love of yogurt, Pinkberry co-founders Shelly Hwang & Young Lee

13 08 2008

The upscale frozen dessert franchise Pinkberry is expanding by leaps and bounds. Opened by 34-year-old Southern California entrepreneur Shelly Hwang and 47-year-old South Korean bouncer turned architect Young Lee, the dynamic dou has created a cultural phenomenon at the heart of the new American Express commercial for the “Plum Card.”

Lee joked that opening a cold-dessert shop in the winter was “the worst business decision we ever made.” Pinkberry’s sales from the first month were only $70, primarily from neighbors who felt bad for them. By the second month, Pinkberry turned a profit and pretty soon thereafter, people were standing in line for 20 to 30 minutes for their own cup of frozen goodness! Today, there are 58 stores, mostly located in Southern California with thirteen in New York City.

In October  2007, Pinkberry took an $27.5M investment to expand the firm’s concept nationwide. Congratulations to Shelly Hwang and Young Lee!


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