The Real Life Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Chen Chang

15 08 2008

chenchang04Chang Chen started his film career at a very young age. He was selected by Taiwanese director Edward Yang to be the protagonist of his 4-hour critically acclaimed film A Brighter Summer Day.  More recently, he played Lo “Dark Cloud,” in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.  The movie’s so popular that there are action figures of his character here. Recommended for all ages and up, no batteries required.

Chang is currently filming Red Cliff, alternatively known as The Battle of Red Cliff, an epic film based on the Battle of Red Cliffs immediately prior to the period of the Three Kingdoms in ancient China. The film is directed by John Woo and more information may be found here.

Chang is also working on the movies “Green Mansion” and “1949”  (A big budget romance based on true events at the end of WWII and the final years of the Chinese Civil War).

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Ping pong playa, film director and actor duo: Jessica Yu & Jimmy Tsai

14 08 2008
This is the new movie poster for Ping Pong Playa with Asian American film director and actor Jimmy Tsai. Thanks Angry Asian Man! According to Wikipedia, Jimmy is also producing The Killing of A Chinese Cookie, a documentary about the history of the fortune cookie.
Synopsis from Wikipedia:

With a family-run store devoted to all things ping pong and a mom who teaches it at the local Chinese Community Center, the Wangs’ entire world revolves around the sport. But despite the family legacy, C-dub opts to spend his free time playing video games and daydreaming about get-rich quick schemes with his best friend JP Money.

With the National Golden Cock Tournament coming up and an injured Michael unable to defend his title, C-dub must become the player he pretends to be and defend his family’s ping pong dynasty.

Jimmy Tsai and Jessica Yu wrote the screenplay for film.
Contact the filmmakers for interviews, just email them at Otherwise, go catch the film when it comes out in September!